Rep. Demmer’s Bill to Improve Government Transparency is Signed into Law

Springfield… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) today announced that his bill that adds transparency and accountability in local government has been signed into law. The bill passed unanimously through the House and Senate earlier this year and was signed in to law as Public Act 98-0738. In response to the $54 million embezzlement scandal in Dixon, the new law requires that within 60 days from the close of an audit of a local government’s funds and accounts, the auditor shall provide a copy of any financial statements to each member of the city council or county board, and present the information to the council or board in a public meeting. Also, if an audited local government maintains a website, the city council or county board shall post the information contained in the financial statements from the audit.

Rep. Demmer stated, “This is an important law that will see local government audits receive the attention they require so that councils fully understand their liabilities. Audits are annually prepared as mandated by law, yet they can be shelved away too quickly. This new law will see that those audits are available for public view, and presented in a more effective way. The city of Dixon had significant issues with audits that were not fully heard and understood, and this law will ensure that a local government audit is executed in a way that fully protects vital city funds.”