Democrats Take Partisan Approach, Issue Multi-Billion Dollar Budget Bill Hours before the Vote

Springfield… Today Illinois House Democrats forced a partisan vote on a spending bill aimed at undermining the budget process and thwarting the ability of minority legislators to participate. Democrats introduced a multi-billion dollar spending bill, HB 4141, mere hours before the vote, denying Republicans an opportunity to fully read or offer input on the bill before it was rammed through. Republicans voted Present to highlight this irregular and purely partisan disruption of the budget process.

In response, State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) released the following statement…

“The budget process is in place to find bi-partisan solutions by having thorough discussions and input by everyone it affects,” said Rep. Demmer. “This piecemeal approach with only hours to review billions of dollars of spending is a disingenuous move that undermines the process and undermines any attempt to work towards a bipartisan solution. The people of this great state are tired of the bickering and they want our state fixed, they want us to work together. I will continue to put my faith in the process as budget working groups meet and carefully discuss the most pressing issues facing Illinois.”