Update and Helpful Information for Tornado Victims

The American Red Cross (ARC) has opened a shelter in Sublette for people affected by the severe weather last night. The ARC shelter is located at the Ellice Dinges Center at 202 South West. They will be providing food, coffee, and water for emergency responders and affected residents.

Rep Demmer’s office has been updated with the latest from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency…
General Updates:

Both communities in Lee and Grundy County are getting better looks on damage with daylight.

Preliminary reports are that there were six tornadoes last night.  The NWS could take several days to confirm.

While the weather is clear for today, there is another weather system on Wednesday and Thursday that could bring more storms and heavy rains. We are continuing to monitor.

All lanes of traffic on I55 at Reed Rd. was opened overnight.

There are over 21,000 customers still without power (over 55,000 at the peak of the storm, but current reports indicate this number).

The ARC has two shelters open – Coal City (29 clients being served); Sublette (2 residents being served).

There remain local roads that are closed due to debris and/or flooding in various areas.

Many areas received heavy rain, as high as 3.85” in some areas, resulting in standing water on many roadways this morning.

We are working with ISP and IDOT for aerial photography/surveys of the area.

Woodhaven Campground (Lee County)

The campground is still in active search and rescue mode. Additional searches are commencing with daylight.

Damage with daylight appears to be severe. As such, the State will be deploying Task Force 1 (via MABAS/fire mutual aid) – an advanced search and rescue team w/Canine.

There are at least five people rescued from entrapment.  Only one injury requiring ambulance transport.  Others were treated on scene with minor injuries.

Second, the search will commence this morning with daylight.

There are 6100 lots in the campground with most having trailers.  Out of the 29 campground sections, at least 17 sustained heavy damage.

The primary task for this morning will be to cap leaking propane tanks (of which there are many) before bringing in chain saw crews for debris removal.

Updates from the State of Illinois can be found at the Ready Illinois website.

People with questions or concerns can contact Rep. Demmer’s office for further information at (815) 561-3690.