Rep. Demmer Serves as Principal for a Day

Stillman Valley… As part of the program to allow elected officials to understand educational needs for Illinois students, State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) was invited to be “Principal for a Day” at Meridian CUSD 223.

“Providing a quality education for our children is a top priority for Illinois,” said Rep. Demmer. “I’m pleased to have this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge that I’ll use when working on education issues at the Capitol. Today, I listened to teachers, students, and administrators about what’s working well and what we can and should do better.”

Guided by Meridian School Superintendent PJ Caposey, Rep. Demmer toured schools in the district and was able to spend time in classrooms to discuss with students the work he does as a State Representative. Additionally, Representative Demmer was able to attend an OCEC (Special Education cooperative) meeting to meet with and hear from 12 local districts on ‘hot topics’ in the world of education as it pertains to educating students with special needs.

Meridian Superintendent PJ Caposey said, “I sincerely appreciate Rep. Demmer spending time within our district today. The key to any sustainable relationship is two-way communication and understanding the context and perspective each side brings to the conversation. Today, Rep. Demmer was able to learn much more about what it means to be a Meridian student and teacher than I could ever share in an office meeting or through an email. I am excited to continue to build upon this relationship in the years to come.”

Rep. Demmer went on to meet with teachers and listened to their concerns about classroom sizes, special education, and testing. Rep. Demmer was invited to participate in the Principal for a Day Program by Meridian administration in hopes of continuing to grow a two-way dialogue between the district and its elected representatives.