Demmer Bill Supporting Wind Energy Device Assessments Sent to Governor

Dixon…State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) passed legislation in the Illinois House before the end of May to extend the process by which wind energy devices are assessed for property taxes, providing stability for both the industry and local taxing districts.  

“I am glad to deliver a stable, predictable method that both local government and wind energy developers can use for the next five years,” said Rep. Demmer.  “This helps communities and businesses plan for the future. That is good for taxpayers and good for wind energy employees.”  

Prior to the passage of SB 2612, the assessment process for wind energy devices was scheduled to sunset in the tax year 2016.  Under the terms of the legislation, the assessment process will be extended five years, until 2021.  

Wendy Ryerson, Chief County Assessment Officer for Lee County and past president of the Illinois Chief County Assessment Officers Association, reacted the passage of SB 2612, “the continuation of the state-wide assessment standard provided by SB 2612 offers stability for taxing districts and wind project owners, and gives assessment officials a proven methodology to follow.  It is a win-win for everyone.”  

Rep. Demmer’s legislation was supported by the Illinois County Assessment Officers Association, the Fair Assessment Information Resources Committee, and the Illinois Farm Bureau.  

Rep. Demmer can be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.