Demmer Introduces Property Tax Relief; Aims to Lower Local Government Cost

Dixon… State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) today announced the filing of four bills designed to lower the cost of government and provide property tax relief to overburdened Illinois taxpayers. “We need to do right by the taxpayers- that means not just changing who pays for what, but actually lowering the cost of government. This Property Tax Relief Bill Package gives local officials the tools and resources they need to lower costs and create real savings for the taxpayers they serve,” said Rep. Demmer

Included in the package of legislation filed by Rep. Demmer is House Bill 496, which allows townships with a coterminous, or substantially coterminous, a municipality may be consolidated if that decision is made at the local level. House Bill 788 allows local governments to hold a public hearing and vote to opt-out of unfunded mandates if the costs of complying are not economically feasible for taxpayers. House Bill 792 allows additional local government consolidations, again, if approved by local officials or taxpayers. House Bill 793 allows local governments, school districts and public colleges to opt-out of certain unfunded mandates.

“This package of bills is aimed at reducing the burdens of unfunded mandates on local governments as a way to help reduce property tax burdens on local property taxpayers. Taxpayers are maxed out and by giving local government some additional tools to reduce their own costs, we can help encourage property tax relief which is desperately needed throughout Illinois,” reiterated Rep. Demmer.

Constituents can find further information, participate in Rep. Demmer’s 2017 Legislative Survey, and contact Rep. Demmer at his legislative website-

Rep. Demmer can also be contacted at his district office located at 1221 Currency Court, Rochelle, IL 61068 or by calling the office at (815) 561-3690.