Rep. Demmer Co-Sponsors Resolution Opposing Graduated Income Tax in Illinois

State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) joined other members of the House Republican Caucus on Wednesday in sponsoring HR 153, which opposes any measure that would allow for the creation of a graduated income tax on Illinois residents. Following a press conference held by the House Republican Leadership Team at the Capitol, Representative Demmer issued the following statement:

“Our caucus is unanimous in its opposition to this unfair tax. We have huge, systemic problems in Illinois, and these continual tax increases are not the solution,” said Demmer. “Raising taxes didn’t work in 2011 and it didn’t work in 2017. We need to enact policies that grow the economy and create jobs. A pro-jobs agenda, coupled with fiscal restraint, will put Illinois back onto a path toward financial stability.”

Click here to watch the House Republican Leadership Team press conference.