Rep. Demmer Denounces Proposal to Remove Flat Tax Guarantee from Illinois Constitution

On Memorial Day, members of the House of Representatives voted to put a Constitutional Amendment question on the 2020 ballot that would remove the flat income tax guarantee from the Illinois Constitution. The 44-member House Republican Caucus stood united in opposition to SJRCA 01. After the vote, State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) issued the following statement:

“This Constitutional Amendment would give a blank check for future tax increases. If approved, lawmakers will no longer have to look at how much money is available when determining if a proposal is affordable. Legislators will be able to determine what new initiatives will pass and then just adjust the rates accordingly. But every dollar this government takes is a dollar taken out of the pocket of an Illinois taxpayer. Every dollar in increased taxes is one less dollar that a family is spending in their community.”

“This General Assembly has not earned the trust of taxpayers. We have not shown fiscal discipline or spending restraint.  There is no track record of success that would give taxpayers confidence that we will make responsible decisions with their tax dollars. We have no right to go back to taxpayers and ask them to fund any and all ideas that come before us in future years.”