Rep. Tom Demmer Renews Call for Fair Maps; Offers Petition to End Gerrymandering

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision that it will not hear cases involving gerrymandered political maps, State Representative Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) is renewing his call for fair maps, and he encourages all who support an independent map-drawing process to sign a petition.

“In a true democracy, voters choose their elected officials. But today’s partisan map-drawing process allows majority party lawmakers to draw their own maps and choose their voters to protect themselves and solidify control,” said Demmer. “This process, known as ‘gerrymandering,’ stifles democracy and undermines our representative form of government.”

According to Demmer, the United States Supreme Court recently decided it would not intervene in fair maps issues, making it more important than ever for legislators and citizens to work together to end gerrymandering and restore the integrity of the election process. Demmer is a co-sponsor of HJRCA10, which would amend the Legislature Article of the Illinois Constitution by removing the mapping process from the hands of politicians and establishing an independent, non-partisan commission to draw fair maps after each 10-year Census.

“I am renewing my call for Illinoisans to take appropriate steps to end the practice of gerrymandering by signing the petition available through my web site,” Demmer said. “People need to let lawmakers know that voters should choose their Representatives rather than allowing Representatives to choose their voters.”

The direct link to the petition is: