Rep. Demmer files legislation to block state GPS tracking of vehicles

Deputy House Minority Leader Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) filed new legislation in the Illinois House of Representatives today that would prohibit the state from enacting digital license plates on vehicles registered in the State of Illinois. Digital license plates use the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) as a means of tracking the daily movements of Illinois residents. 

Demmer’s legislation addresses specific concerns against a recent proposal to move toward replacing traditional metal license plates with digital GPS tracking as a response to a spike in carjackings. 

“Installing GPS trackers on every car in Illinois would raise serious privacy concerns, not to mention the potential for hacking and likelihood of technical problems in what would be an unprecedented intrusion by state government in the day-to-day lives of Illinois residents,” Rep. Demmer said. “The risks associated with digital license plates clearly outweigh any potential benefit. The solution to carjackings is not to track and monitor every resident of the state.”

Demmer’s legislation is House Bill 4105. 

Representative Demmer serves Illinois’ 90th District which includes portions of Ogle, Lee, DeKalb and LaSalle Counties.